Monday, August 31, 2009

Funny Faces

I got the idea from the cherish book but I changed up the 2nd page instead of what the page was suppose to be..

Scrapbook Challenge #20 Complete

Look at previous posts to see what it looked like before I added pics and embellishments!!!

Scrapbook Challenge #19 Complete

Look at previous posts to see what the challenge looked like before I put pics and embelllishments on the pages!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow!!!

Well my girls start school tomorrow, I am hoping that I will get more scrapbooking and posting done( that is if my 3 year old son allows ). Look for more posts of pages that I have completed and work I have done!!! I hope everyone is getting alot of scrapbooking done and having fun doing it!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sorry but to see the pic correctly for this post you need to click on the picture. Sorry for the inconvience but I tried to upload and they came out the same way!!!

Sorry about the pics being so big I am not sure what happened. The paper pack I used for this was Levle2 Animal Cookies ( X7112B ).. Once again I will post them again when I have put the pictures on with embellishments!!!


I am not very good at making a 2 page layout or making pages without the pictures on me so I have decided to start following challenges held by Helen Onulak another CTMH consultant.. (Thankyou to her for doing these ) This paper pack I used is Level 2 Majestic Blue ( X7081B ). I will repost when I put the pictures and embellishments on them so you can see it both ways..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Stamping "swap spoiler"

This is a 12x12 random stamped sheet I did for a swap that I am hosting. I used the stamp sets "It's A Zoo"(C1360) and "Life's A Jungle"(D1285). I used the colors "Garden Green", "Goldrush", "Grey Flannel", "Petal", and "Desert Sand"!!! I then took the 12x12 and cut it into 4 6x6 squares to use anyway that you may want!!! I then touched it up with chalk to give it a little color in the background.. These are so much fun and easy to do. You can use random stamped pages for so many different things!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Challenge Yourself

I have done this once before but it was so great that I am going to do another. I would love to start another...

Challenge Yourself!!!Are you interested in completing more scrapbook pages but feel that you don’t have the time. This challenge is for you. I know I have a hard time getting motivated, finding the time, or making the time but this way I will motivate to do more pages.
RULES!!!!The challenge is to complete 5 pages a month ( if that number is to low we can adjust it ).There is a $5.00 one time fee per challengeIf you do not meet the goal then there is a $1.00 penalty for each page not done and 1 scrapbooking item no more than $5.00( These items would be something you would like to receive such as a stamp, embellishments, ink, brads, ribbon,etc. ) .All this will be put in a basket and in the end there will be 3 winners that will be drawn (depending on how many join ). If you complete the challenge each month your name will go into a drawing. ( I will keep track of all this )
The layouts can be either a 6x6, 9x9, or 12x12. They have to have pictures and some type of embellishment on them. A completed page.
I can start a yahoo group so that the layouts can be shared with each other in the group . All you need is a yahoo email account. If this is something you would like to do give me suggestions for the name of the group and we will vote on it.
If this is something you would like to do or have questions or suggestions please let me know by calling my at 468-8867 or emailing me at scrapbookmom4@yahoo.comThank you and I look forward to doing this challenge with you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thankyou card

I made this card for my mom so that my kids could say thankyou to her for everything they did for us when we went to TEXAS!!! Which by the way is GREAT!!! I chose animals because of the zoo we went to. The stamp set I used was "Lifes a Jungle"(D1285) and the colors I used were Petal, Goldrush, Desert Sand, and Garden Green.